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The radfae.org web site exists to pull together Radical Faerie information: links to resources and web pages, news, information, and pointers to other faerie lists. Our site is also available to host various faerie projects.

At the Beltane 1998 Wolf Creek gathering, a number of us got together to share ideas about creating a radical faerie web site. There were faerie web pages all over the internet, and we hoped to create a central place where they could be listed. RadFae.org is the result. A handful of us put this site together, but no one can keep up with all of the local gatherings and activities. If you know about a gathering, please send us a comment or an email, so we can list it here. RadFae.org is managed by two faeries now, and we’re open for help. If you’re part of the extended faerie community, you can join us.

Who are the Radical Faeries?

Nobody speaks for Radical Faeries as a whole; certainly not us! We’re keeping our process as open as possible, so this site can reflect the community as a whole. Our main goal is to provide a neutral clearing-house, which can point to or host faerie sites with a variety of perspectives. Space is available for more faerie-related projects. You, too, could be www.radfae.org/somebody. Got your own pages already? We can put a link from here.

Generally, we tend to be gay men who look for a spiritual dimension to our sexuality;many of us are healers of one kind or another.

Our shared values include feminism, respect for the Earth, and individual responsiblity rather than hierarchy. Many of us are Pagan (nature-based religion).

Our defining events are Faerie Gatherings, where we’ll get together for an extended retreat, usually in the woods, separated from the outside world. A lot of that time is spent in “heart circles,” where we open up emotionally.

Of course, that’s just this circle’s attempt at a definition.

Send us a comment below, or email us.

– Agora (Raindrop Labs), a Portland, Oregon ISP, donates our Web server –
– Buckwheat originally registered our RadFae.org domain name –
– this web site is dedicated to Earl Galvin –

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