DRAFT: Gryphon Blackswan

A Memorial Scrapbook for
Gryphon Blackswan
(Christopher Tate Anderson)

Draft: I'm gradually scanning materials and getting them ready for the Web, but they're not yet organized or presented tastefully. So please treat this page as a preview of coming attractions, and bookmark it so you'll come back in a month or two. Or you can sign up to be automatically notified when this page is updated.

[Biography] [Writings] [Pictures] [Garments]

Biographical Info

born: 4/19/51 Detroit
died:4/18/96Santa Cruz
(West of Chicago on farm)
Chicago, IL: Lake Shore Drive
Porland, OR
1988-90Tokyo, Japan
Wolf Creek, OR: on and off the Faerie Sanctuary
Santa Cruz area: nanny for 2 orphans
July '95 - April '96Ukiah, CA (Ford St.)
April '96 Santa Cruz, CA

Writings and Documents

Mother to Son (poem by Langston Hughes)
Expecting the Best (not fully scanned yet)

How clearly Langston expresses the utter unstoppability of a black woman's love for her son. The knowledge that he will face hard times and may seek to give up is informed by the recognition that he simple can't be allowed to. This is my legacy from Delores, my mother.
The Sigh Is Gone (article in Summer '96 Lavendar Reader, not scanned yet)
When Mother came to San Francisco, she was treated like visiting royalty by half the Castro District...
A big-boned farm boy became a regular -- and eventually a headliner -- at the only gay-owned drag lounge on Chicago's ritzy North Side. There I found love and community...
The forces arrayed against a gay, African-American man in America can and do destroy people...
The sigh is gone. With the love of Delores, and her faith in me, anything is possible.
Resume (Ukiah)

Martin Keogh:

Gryphon's presence cried out to those around him: "Feel." His apparel bellowed: "Look at me." ...
Barry Spector, A Memory of Gryphon
I first met Gryphon at the Men's Multi-Cultural Conference at Fairfax in March of 1995...
AIDS Quilt
Panel and letter about Gryphon



With Family:


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Gryphon and mother on sofa Gryphon in white wig, black dress 3 dresses on display stands

Eventually, I expect we'll have something complete and tasteful here. In the meantime, here's what's been found so far, and loose ends we're tracking down...

I'd like to get the full text of his writings, bunches of photos, pages from his design book, and pictures of garments. Plus maybe a short biography, and quotes from some of the videos he appeared in.

Loose ends:


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