Earth Conclave Family Reunion, Southwestern WI, Apr 3-6, 2014
Tantra for Gay, Bi & Queer Men, Lake County, CA, April 18-20, 2014
Beltaine, Wolf Creek Sanctuary, OR, Apr 26 – May 4, 2014
Billy Club May Day Gathering, Lake County, CA, April 30 – May 4, 2014
Beltane at Amber Fox, May 1-4, 2014
Beltane, Folleterre, France, May 10-17, 2014
Victoria Day Gathering, Amber Fox, ON, Canada, May 16-19, 2014
BC Faerie Camp, Squamish, BC, Canada, May 16-19, 2014
Generate Gathering, Ukiah, CA, May 22-29, 2014
Longhouse Gathering, Redmond, WA, May 23-26, 2014
Rheingolds, Folleterre, France, May 28-Jun 1, 2014
Faerie Sex Magic 169, Dos Rios, CA, May 31–Jun 7, 2014
Musical Creative Arts Gathering, Folleterre, France, Jun 5-14, 2014
Naraya, Wolf Creek Sanctuary, OR, Jun 9-16, 2014
Faerie Sex Magic 169, Folleterre, France, Jun 12-19, 2014
Billy Club July 4th Gathering, Lake County, CA, Jun 30 – Jul 6, 2014
Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries, Nomenus Sanctuary, Wolf Creek, OR, Jul 1-13, 2014
Faerie Spirit Gathering at Kawashaway, MN, July 1-6, 2014
American Ridge Faerie Gathering,  Wenatchee National Forest, WA, Jul 10-17, 2014
Black Leather Wings, Guerneville, CA, Jul 16-24, 2014
A Mountain Faerie Gatherette, Mount Rainier National Park, WA, Jul 25-29, 2014
27th Annual High Summer Gathering, Amber Fox, ON, Canada, Jul 30 – Aug 4, 2014
Lammas at Kawashaway, MN, Aug 1-10, 2014
Summer Gathering, Folleterre, France, Aug 4-13, 2014
Breitenbush Gathering, Detroit, OR, Aug 13-17, 2014
Blue Heron Gathering, Blue Heron Farm, NY, Aug 25 – Sep 1, 2014
Global Faerie Gathering and Symposium, Ukiah, CA, Aug 25 – Sep 1, 2014 (leave a comment below to get on the mailing list)
Billy Club Labor Day Gathering, Rancho Cicada, CA, Aug 28 – Sep 1, 2014
Gavdos Gathering, Greece, Oct 1-9, 2014
Thanksgiving Gathering, Amber Fox, ON, Canada, Oct 10-13, 2014
Faerie Sex Magic 269, Saratoga Springs, CA, Oct 20-27, 2014
Faerie Sex Magic 169, Sunshine Coast, Vancouver (open to transmen), Nov 21-18, 2014

Annual Faerie Gatherings

  • Asian Faerie Gathering, Thailand in January/February – open
  • The Billys have six annual gatherings in Northern CA – some open, some men only
  • Breitenbush Winter Gathering in OR in February, starting the Thursday before President’s Day weekend, which ends with the third Monday of February, and ending on Monday - men only
  • Beltaine at Wolf Creek Sanctuary in OR on May Day – open
  • Beltaine at Short Mountain Sanctuary in TN on May Day – open
  • Faerie Spirit Gathering, Kawashaway, July 1-6 – open
  • Eurofaerie Gathering in July – open
  • Spiritual Gathering for Radical Faeries at Wolf Creek Sanctuary in OR in summer – men only
  • Lammas Gathering at Kawashaway Sanctuary in MN in August, 10 days starting the first Friday in August - open
  • Breitenbush Summer Gathering in OR in August, starting the Wednesday before the third FULL weekend of August and ending on Sunday - men only
  • Blue Heron Farm in NY, the week leading up to and Labor Day weekend.
  • Samhain at Nomenus Sanctuary in Wolf Creek, OR, end of Oct – open

Potential Gathering Space in Northern California

This site has been contacted by a man who runs a 40 acre campground with a year round creek in the foothills east of Chico, California. If you are interested in contacting this campground, please write to troydewey at ymail dot com.

Potential Gathering Space in West Virginia
A gay campground in West Virginia called Longfork, on 80 acres of woodland would be a great setting for gatherings or retreats.

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