Places to visit for gatherings, events, community or solitude.

California: Groundswell Institute
: Starland Community web site, Starland on Facebook
Minnesota: Kawashaway, email
New Mexico: Zuni Mountain
New York: Blue Heron Farm is a part time faerie sanctuary. Please contact  them before visiting.
Oregon: Nomenus at Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek on Yahoo
Tennessee: Short Mountain Sanctuary
Vermont: Faerie Camp Destiny

Australia, NSW: Faeryland Sanctuary, P.O. Box 704, Cawongla, NSW 2474, phone 02-6689-7070
Canada, OntarioThe Land, aka Amber Fox is a part time faerie sanctuary. Please contact  them before visiting.
France, Ternuay-Melay-et-St-Hilaire: Folleterre Sanctuary

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